gas fire service leeds

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If you can smell gas or suspect a gas leak in your property, immediately call the emergency national grid on 0800 111 999. This is a FREE service for everyone in the UK, they will attend on the same day to make you & your property safe by isolating the gas supply to your home. They won’t rectify any internal problems or defects which have caused the gas leak, they will only come to make safe. They will recommend you get in touch with a Gas Safe Engineer to carry out any necessary repairs which is causing the danger. This is where we step in to sort your problem out.

gas fire service leeds

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Smart Plumbers gas fire service typically involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of your gas fire system to ensure its safe and efficient operation. Here are the key steps involved in a gas fire service:

  1. Visual Inspection:
    The technician will visually inspect the gas fire, checking for any signs of damage, wear, or deterioration. They will examine the exterior components, such as the frame, glass, and vents, to ensure they are in good condition.
  1. Gas Leak Detection:
    Gas leaks can be hazardous, so the technician will perform a gas leak detection test to ensure there are no leaks in the gas line or connections. This involves using specialized equipment to detect any traces of gas leaks.
  1. Cleaning and Maintenance:
    The technician will clean the internal components of the gas fire, including the burner, pilot assembly, and gas valves. They will remove any debris, dust, or soot build-up that can affect the performance of the gas fire. This cleaning process helps to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the system.
  1. Checking for Proper Combustion:
    The technician will assess the combustion process of the gas fire to ensure it is burning fuel efficiently and producing a clean flame. They will check the flame colour, shape, and height, making any necessary adjustments to optimize combustion.
  1. Ventilation Inspection:
    Proper ventilation is crucial for a gas fire system. The technician will inspect the ventilation system, including the chimney or flue, to ensure it is clear of any blockages or obstructions that may affect the airflow. This step is important for the safe operation of the gas fire and the prevention of carbon monoxide build-up.
  1. Testing Safety Devices:
    The technician will test the safety devices of the gas fire, such as the thermocouple or flame failure device, to ensure they are functioning correctly. These safety features are designed to shut off the gas supply if any issues or abnormalities are detected.
  1. Gas Pressure Check:
    The gas pressure will be checked to ensure it is within the recommended range for the gas fire. If the pressure is too low or too high, it can affect the performance and safety of the system.
  1. Final System Performance Check:
    Once the inspection and maintenance tasks are completed, the technician will perform a final system performance check. This includes turning on the gas fire and observing its operation to ensure it is functioning properly, producing a steady flame, and providing adequate heat.

gas fire service leeds

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